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What's the buzz about beeswax?

What are some of the benefit of beeswax?  According to many sources beeswax can serve as a skin protectant, skin healer, skin softener and antibacterial.  Below are excerpts of an article from with more details about these benefits: PROTECTANT: Acting as a surfactant, beeswax, when blended into cold creams and other skin lotions, forms a protective barrier on the surface of the skin. This barrier, according to Koster Keunan, a global organic wax supplier, provides a film of protection against irritants while still allowing the skin to breathe. SKIN HEALER: Like other beehive products, including honey and royal jelly,...

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Welcome Friend!

Hello and welcome to our website and blog!  Our goal is to make bad skin beehave with our luxurious, organic body products.  We are busy as bees and excited to share the many treats we have lined up to pamper you with!  Check back regularly and sign up below to be informed first about our new products and posts! Remember... when your skin gets bad, make it Beehave!

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